CIC-P de Nancy

Technical committee


This Technical Committee is comprised of :


The Technical Committee can designate up to three extra members, chosen according to their skills. They have an advisory role.

The director of the hospital, the director of INSERM and the vice-chancellor of the university, or their representative, attend the Technical Committee’s sessions in an advisory role.

The nominative and qualitative composition of the Technical Committee can be found in Appendix 1 of the present agreement. This appendix is kept up to date by the CIC-P Coordinator, who will immediately inform the signing parties of any modifications to this appendix.


Plenary composition of the Technical Committee :

Its role

The Technical Committee is placed under the responsibility of the chief investigator. Every member of the Technical Committee has the right to vote.

The Technical Committee meets as required, and is convened at least once a year by the chief investigator. The invitation is sent out at least a fortnight before the planned date for the session and is accompanied by the agenda.

The Technical Committee can only legitimately convene if at least half of its members are present. The Technical Committee’s operates according to consensus. If necessary, opinions, proposals and decisions are adopted by the absolute majority vote of the members present. If the votes are tied, the chief investigator has the casting vote.